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Freight and Customs Management Services, Leeds, Yorkshire

Freight and Customs Management Services, Leeds, Yorkshire

4PL (4th party logistics) is the process of managing transport providers and providing integration along the supply chain, planning, steering and controlling all logistic procedures in a strategic manner

What We Do

Customers advise us of their requirements and we offer a tailor made solution, choosing the right means of transport, the right suppliers and the right resources. Every customer's transport challenge is unique. The solution may be straightforward or more complex and may even require us to employ a small team to manage the process.

H and A Transport, Leeds operate a complete range of services which can be provided as part of a total logistics solution or on a stand-alone basis.

H&A's Freight and Customs Management Service will:

  • Reduce your costs and risks
  • Provide savings through freight management methods
  • Simplify your freight management processes

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