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Freight and Customs Management Services

H & A Transport Freight and Customs Management Services

Freight management is becoming an increasingly attractive proposal for clients.

4PL (4th party logistics) is the process of managing transport providers and providing integration along the supply chain, planning, steering and controlling all logistic procedures in a strategic manner

How It Works

Customers advise us of their requirements and we offer a tailor made solution, choosing the right means of transport, the right suppliers and the right resources.

Every customer's transport challenge is unique. The solution may be straightforward or more complex and may even require us to employ a small team to manage the process.

Whatever your needs, H & ATransport Group has a mix of skills and experience that will ensure your requirements are met. We operate a complete range of services which can be provided as part of a total logistics solution or on a stand-alone basis.

H&A's Freight and Customs Management Service will:

  • Reduce your costs and risks
  • Provide savings through freight management methods
  • Simplify your freight management processes
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Benefit From Savings Through H & A Freight and Customs Management Services

We are committed to help you achieve savings when you use our freight management services by:

  • The reduction of indirect and direct costs currently being incurred by the shipper during the quotation and booking stages
  • The reduction of administrative costs in both invoice processing and purchase ledger departments
  • Improved cash flow
  • The reduction in direct freight costs due to employment of other suitable suppliers
  • The reduction in freight costs due to renegotiation of rates by agent with effective risk management

Simplifying Your Freight Management System

Our freight management services are designed to make your life easier by:

  • Using simple and effective communication lines with single source contact if required
  • Providing ready access to in depth knowledge of markets/operators and routes and load maximisation
  • Eliminating absence from work/holiday/complex multi-tasking risks and the possible need to increase staff is reduced
  • Enabling possible staff reduction for over-manned departments
  • Minimising transit risk
  • Maximising competitive pricing opportunities
  • Increasing volumes and tasks verses staff available
  • Providing a greater degree of market understanding and appreciation due to closeness of working arrangement with agent
H & A Transport Freight Management Services

Freight Documentation

H & A Transport provide and manage extensive documentation services, including:

  • Letters of Credit (handling, negotiation)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Bills of Lading
  • Customs Documents
  • ATA Carnets
  • Transit Forms
  • Licence Applications
  • Consular Documents
  • UK Export Declarations
  • UK and European import Clearance
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